Can Moss Grow Underwater? List & Benefits

Moss is a resilient planet that can grow anywhere and survive under the harses conditions. You may find moss growing in a variety of places, but what about underwater? can moss grow underwater?

Yes, moss can grow underwater! In fact, there are many types of moss that can grow underwater in things like Aquariums, waterlogged forests, and even the ocean!

Certain types of moss have adapted to survive and flourish underwater. But, what are these types of moss that can grow and survive underwater? Let’s find out…

Types Of Moss That Can Grow Underwater

So what are the types of moss that can survive in water? Well, as mentioned there are many types of moss that can grow underwater. They can range from very shallow, to deeper water mosses.

Types Of Moss That Can Survive Underwater:

  • Java Moss
  • Flame Moss
  • Crystalwort
  • Riccia fluitans
  • Pellia Liverwort
  • Vesicularia Montagnei
  • Taxiphyllum Barbieri
  • Monosolenium Tenerum

Java Moss

This moss is a very popular aquarium plant that can be submerged underwater and still survive. It thrives in water with heavy currents, but will also do well in still water.

Java Moss does best when it has plenty of light and shade as this allows the moss to grow flat on the bottom or on the walls of your aquarium, giving fish hiding places from predators or lay their eggs. You can also use Java Moss as an alternative substrate if you have fish that eat plants like algae wafers or shrimp pellets.

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This is another type of moss that has adapted to live in water and can be found growing under rocks or near shorelines where they attach themselves to objects like wood, rocks, etc. They are also known as ‘rockweed’ due to their rock-like appearance along with other types of seaweed.

This plant stays afloat because it stores air within itself giving off an oxygenated smell but don’t get too close… you might end up getting stung by tiny needles sticking out of its leaves when touched!     

Pellia Liverwort

This moss can survive underwater because it has adapted to store air within its leaves. It too floats on the surface of the water and attaches itself to rocks, logs, or other objects near shorelines.

The green color comes from pigments in their cells which helps them capture light allowing photosynthesis to occur so they have food for growth! This type of plant is able to withstand strong waves during storms due to how well the moss can anchor to its surroundings.      

Vesicularia Montagnei

Vesicularia Montagnei known as (Christmas Moss) appears during December time due to its namesake and loves cold climate areas such as Alaska and Canada where they attach themselves onto rocks and dirt close to shorelines.

As beautiful as this mussel is, it creates problems because its presence can hinder the fishing industry. The green color of this mussel comes from algae that grow on their shells which then gives them nutrients allowing them to survive underwater for up to two years!     

Taxiphyllum Barbieri

This Moss can be found growing underwater alongside Java moss in aquariums where owners have planted them together for aesthetic purposes. They are usually greenish-brown in color due to algae being present within their cells but you will see bright red spots if looked at under a microscope.

These types of plants create spore colonies so when one dies off another comes back making it seem like they are able to reproduce asexually.     

Monosodium Tenerum

This moss is another type of moss that can survive underwater due to it being capable of storing air within its leaves which helps create buoyancy for this plant.

This species is usually found near shorelines where water constantly flows over them keeping their roots wet and preventing the need to stay anchored into anything else except sediment on rocks or mudflats by means of rhizoids (root-like structures).  

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How To Remove Moss

Can Land Moss Grow Underwater?

Yes, there are certain types of land moss that can grow underwater, but not every type of land moss can live underwater for extended periods. Land moss still requires sunlight to survive, so putting land moss underwater won’t work for very long.

Land moss can survive by floating on top of the water in places like ponds, lakes, and waterfalls. But underwater can be a problem for some types of land moss as it needs sunlight to survive, so if it’s too deep in the water then this plant will die very quickly.

However, types of moss-like Java moss and Flame Moss can survive and are used in Aquariums to keep the water clean. This type of moss can be purchased in shops and nurseries.

But with that said, it’s not as simple as just placing the moss in the water! Some preparation and maintenance will be required!

Are There Any Benefits Growing Moss Underwater?

Yes! There are actually several benefits to having moss in water. As before moss is commonly used in Aquariums and you can even buy this type of moss but why? what makes moss such a benefit when underwater?

Benefits Of Having Moss Underwater:

  • Helps Filter The Water Keeping it Clean
  • Can Help Convert Toxins To Safe Levels
  • Moss Can Help With The Temperature
  • It Makes Water More Oxygen-Rich
  • Moss Gives Fish A Place To Hide
  • Great For Decoration

Moss is a natural filter and can help clean the water by absorbing toxins like ammonia, nitrates, and phosphates. This makes it ideal for cleaning your fish tank as the plants will live with almost any tropical freshwater fish you choose.

It also helps keep the water naturally warm which is good if you have cold-water-loving species of tropical fish who don’t do well when kept at room temperature.

Moss is also a great form of decoration because it offers a type of privacy. The plants can help break up the lines in your aquarium and provide an interesting focal point for those who enjoy keeping tropical fish as pets.

Plus, there are so many different types of moss you have to choose from! This means that finding one to fit with your current décor won’t be difficult at all.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it! Moss can indeed grow underwater that has many benefits to offer, but it also requires specific care and maintenance to do well for aquariums or ponds alike.  

Although moss does need sunlight like any other plant, there are certain types that will survive underwater by absorbing light through the water’s surface rather than having their own source of the sun above ground! 

Don’t worry about transplanting your land type of moss because as long as they have access to enough oxygenated water they’ll be happy living below with all sorts of tropical fish species!  


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